Moguls in Making Mentorship Program

Here at Moguls in Media we believe in investing in those who are aspiring to become moguls in their respected industries. We know what it feels like trying to step out on faith and go after your dream. So if you are looking to receive expert advice on how to take your career to the next level; read the Mogul packages we have below.



Perfect for the person who has their business plan but just needs advising on executing. This is great for a person who is ready to market their brand to the masses. Here is what this package offers:

Complimentary Introductory Call

FREE access to all Business Advising Workshops

1 on 1 Strategy Meetings weekly (in person and/or virtual)

Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

Weekly Motivational Newsletter

FREE ENTRY to Moguls in Media events, workshops, webinars, etc...

Access to resources in Moguls in Media Database at a discounted rate

 Featured on Moguls in Media Blog at the end of Program

1 FREE Moguls in Media T-shirt Apparel

1 FREE call with a Financial Advisor for your business in the MIM Network

Able to LEAD 1 Workshop to showcase their business at the end of the program.

MIM Program (24 wks)