Does your social circle inspire you?

Does Your Social Circle Inspire You?

- By Jennifer Scott


Have you ever heard the saying, 'If you hang around four broke people, you're bound to become the fifth"? As much as we'd like to think we can continue the relationships with every childhood friend and social circle we've connected with as we progress through life, sometimes hanging onto some liaisons can be a bit of a hindrance to your personal and professional growth.

 How can you tell if it's time for you to re-evaluate your social circle? Remember these three things:

1.     Steel sharpens steel - If you don't find yourself motivated to strive for more when you're amongst your friends and associates, it's probably time to re-evaluate what exactly it is, that you get from the connection. It is understood and certainly practiced by successful people, to only align themselves with peers who share similar goals and provide one another productive stimulus for reaching higher levels in life. 


2.     Pick your friends like you pick your fruit - The ideologies, actions and conversations which occur within your immediate circle get subconsciously embedded into your psyche. If the conversation in your circle generally includes gossip about others rather than making plans to accomplish individual or group goals that is a red flag, which indicates more likely than not, you should begin considering how to amicably sever your ties. 


3.     Some people want to see you do well, but never better than them - Be mindful of friends who don't seem to be organically enthusiastic about your dreams, and/or tend to minimize your accomplishments. The best friends to have will always want to see you being the best version of yourself, because friends represent each other (hence the old adage, "birds of a feather flock together").


When push comes to shove, you'll want to have a good two, three ... maybe four good friends who serve as an iron clad support system, as you help each other navigate through trials & tribulations and see one another through to triumph!