Do you really know your hair?

Blog scalp series:

Written By Shannon White

Blog scalp series:

Like takes away like!

In the hair world and I'm sure in other areas using one product can cancel out the same product. Let's use this example in our scalp. We know that our scalp creates natural oils. Some people create more oil than others, and this can be detrimental on your hair styling. Why? Because now your newly shampooed bouncing curls are greasy. To combat this is simple to do. Use more oil. I know it sounds weird but remember like cancels like. Your greasy oily scalp maybe over working because it's not receiving enough oil and thinks it has to over compensate. So break out your favorite oil, hopefully all natural like jojoba, coconut, or Jamaican black castor oil. One use a tint applicator bottle and apply to scalp. Two Use a plastic cap or Saran wrapand let the heat from your body to activate the oil to be absorbed. Three Rinse and use a sulfate free shampoo and condition . You will have a fluffy,  hydrated, oil free style for days longer.


By Shannon