How to Network for Success

Written By Jennifer Scott


Network! Network! Network! We've all heard this term being thrown around at one point or another. Anytime you engage with others and throw around ideas of starting a new business, or taking the existing business you have to the next level, you are indeed networking. But how, exactly, does one build an effective network of value? 


The best way to build a network of value is to make sure you have something of value to offer to others. Many people attend networking events with the goal of meeting influential people in their respective industry who can get them to the next level. While it's likely that you'll eventually bump into one or more people with the clout and connections you need, your chances of being selected to be hand groomed for success rank slim to none if you have no skill or resource to offer in exchange. So the main question you need to ask yourself is, "Of all the people here asking for help, why should they help me?"


If you want to be taken seriously by the people who have already succeeded in the areas that interest you, you can place yourself in a better position by figuring out your strengths and how you can offer them to help others meet their goals. Work to make yourself a valuable connection within your network, and in turn the doors of opportunity will eventually open for you.