The 3 things you missed when Beyonce dropped Lemonade

Beyonce dropped her visual album Lemonade over the weekend, which sparked much conversation on social media. She talks about infidelity, her father, self-image, Becky, etc... Beyonce never disappoints! Some may question Jay-Z and Beyonce's marriage after listening to the album but thats the point, its called GOOD marketing! Yes it makes her more relatable and she addresses great topics but most of all she has us talking.

But here's the take away from her marketing strategy that you can use for your business:

1) Make your product exclusive- people want to feel like a VIP, Beyonce's album is only available exclusively through Tidal

2) Evoke emotion- If people can connect to your product/service emotionally, they will feel reason to have it in their life

3) Give them something to talk about- Your product/service should generate a conversation, the more people you have talking the more it intrigues others to be curious about your product