How supporting Black Business goes hand in hand with Black Lives Matter

 How supporting Black Business goes hand in hand with Black Lives Matter

Written by Jennifer Scott


It's no secret that the current state of racial affairs in the U.S. is growing to be almost as damaging as it was between Black and White Americans during the Civil Rights Era. As of lately, we’ve watched an ugly history repeat itself in the form of live video footage featuring several Black men losing their lives during apparent unjustly scenarios. 

Although these unfortunate events are not something that is new to the Black community, the burden of proof of police abuse via viral social media attention is not only causing an outcry for justice, but is also simultaneously calling for a resolution to strengthen the economic relations within the Black community. So, what does this mean for YOU - The Black Entrepreneur? Well ... it means it's time to step your game up.


1.     Be professional at all times. While it’s great business to build a rapport with your customers and many times rapport can foster an outside friendship, at the end of the day your customers are not your friends and/or family members whom you let your hair down with around the kitchen table after work hours, and should not be treated as such in your establishment.

2.     Honor your commitments with your customers. Be certain you can, and make sure that you do deliver exactly what you promised your customer you would do for them.

3.     Be respectful of your customer by being on time, and being fully available during the days/hours you advertise.

4.     Aim to exceed the expectations of your customers. Going the extra mile for your customers can make a world difference in the free advertisement arena called ‘word of mouth’. If potential customers know they have several options for a specific product/service, the choice to patronize your business just might come down to what they’ve heard about your business from your past or existing customers.

5.     Treat every customer with respect. Interact with your customers with the same level of service you expect to receive from a business if you were the customer. Do not let your personal problems play a part in the way you communicate with customers. Smile and making eye contact during transactions. Offer prompt communication with several options available to the customer (if possible) when resolving service issues.

These tactics are sure to build positive relationships with your customer base, and is also the most cost effective approach to separate your business from the competition.