Being Mary Jane For Real


Written by: ShaneenSpeak


     Ever watched a television show or movie and think to yourself, "I swear I'm watching my life right now?" Well, ladies in media, get ready to emphasize with Mary Jane Paul. BET's hit series Being Mary Jane is almost an exact embodiment of the pressures, lifestyle, and drama endured by women with careers in media (particularly minority women).

    Although there are a myriad of reasons, women in media tend to have a hard time balancing work, family, and love. MaryJane Paul is a thorough description of a black woman on air (major market or otherwise), dealing with the politics of work and truth about her identity.

    I'm curious about who the cast studied and what really led to the development of the production because each episode depicts a real life situation encountered by someone in media. Whether the it's typical control-room banter among producers and directors that's creatively acted out in the scenes; Anchors looking for love despite their high profile careers,  or the reality of a minority family dealing with harsh issues of oppression meanwhile, working in an industry that hides it. If you are a woman in media (particularly television), one can truly relate.

      Heads up though fellow journalists, reporters, and anchors, Gabrielle Union's anchoring/reporting skills will make you cringe (hey, it's not her profession). Sorry Gabby still love you 😬. However, you'll easily overlook the flaw once you find yourself shouting, crying, and yelling "Amen" to many of the scenes.

   To the creators Mara and Salim Akil, thank you for telling our stories and illustrating our hardship. From the contract issues to our “love vs. career” bs, you guys nailed it!
   Media ladies, the series is already a few seasons in, but the latest has just begun. Mary Jane is in NY and things are already heating up. Even if you're not in media. Being Mary Jane will make you want to route for diversity in the newsroom a little harder.

    To cast, production team, and even BET for taking on such and awesome project; JOB WELL DONE.