3 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

Are you hitting a plateau in your career? Have you gotten started and you have no clue where to begin? It can be a frustrating process to get your business or career off the ground when you don't have the proper knowledge or connections. Luckily, that is what mentors are for, and just about everyone needs one in the infant stages of their career or major life adjustments. If you've ever questioned seeking a mentor, here are three reasons why you should go for it.


1.The Knowledge:

Knowledge is power in any industry you are placing yourself in front of and having a mentor can help you gain the experience and unique knowledge you need to thrive in that specific industry. What you can learn from a mentor is vital to your success. Mentors hold the keys to everything you need to know. They're able to direct the next steps from where you are in your career, see areas of improvement that you may not have known existed, and tell you how to improve personally and professionally. They've earned their stripes from their own share of rookie mistakes. You're learning from the cream of the crop.


2. A meaningful relationship

Not only are you obtaining amazing information and direction when you have a mentor, but you also gain a cheerleader and a coach within the relationship. A mentor doesn't necessarily have to be in the same industry. Your mentor can be a college professor, your hair stylist or even your gynecologist. Yes, I said gynecologist. Their role (regardless of their day job) is to motivate, direct and support you along your journey to mogul status. (even though it is a plus if they ARE involved in your industry). They are present to lift your spirits when you're crumbling over that overwhelming workload they may have helped you get. Through the success, failures and setbacks, your mentor is there each step of the way cheering you on and directing your next steps. How awesome is that?


3. Endless Opportunities:

There’s no doubt that having a mentor can open many doors for your business or career. We all have valuable information to share with one another daily, but your mentor is able to offer you access to resources that only they are aware of. The exclusivity is groundbreaking! They are able to put you in rooms and provide email addresses that will take your career to the next level. The power of connection during a mentorship is high in vibration. You could be introduced to your first client, score your first interview, or even have someone invest their own money in your dreams.


Mogul Tip: After you've decided to make the decision to seek mentorship, you should make sure you know what you need a mentor for. Specifically, what in your business or life do you need help or guidance with? Ask yourself what part of your business you could gain more knowledge, support, and opportunities from, then you're well on your way! And if you simply need support, there's no seeking mentorship from that either.

Are you convinced that seeking a mentor is actually a pretty good idea yet? Don't know where to find mentorship? No worries! Visit the services page on our site to learn about our mentorship programs.