Have you paid your dues?

How many of us want to be successful, now? Like right now? lol. I know we all wished that it worked that way. Many of us think because we have degrees, knowledge, or some experience we just deserve for success to just fall into our lap. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work like that.

There is some called, paying your dues. Any intern knows exactly what that means. That may mean coffee runs, taking out the trash and any other thing that you didn't go to school for or that your pretty framed degree doesn't say you are. 

When I first got into the world of media, I was older than a lot of the people who interviewed me so I though that my personality and maturity would get me the jobs I was looking for, ha, I was wrong! There was so much more to learn. So I found myself, doing what? Being an intern. lol. An intern who had a car note, real bills and a need for making money. 

But when you want to be successful, you realize that learning and being a sponge is the best opportunity that you can get!

Here are some tips on paying your dues:

1) The best opportunities are not always paid. -I learned so much while working for free. never be to proud. Remember, resume building is important when your trying to prove to the world how awesome you are.

2) Be a sponge. Learn something. - You never want to be to smartest person you know. Never be ashamed to ask questions. Surround yourself around the best.

3) Build bridges. Network.- while your paying your dues, you are building relationships so cherish them.

4) Your reputation is EVERYTHING so make a good impression.- Never treat an internship, or entry level job like its nothing because your wrong...if you want to climb the latter, you have to start somewhere. So make sure your name ring bells.

5) Your time will come.- Patience is key! Trust me all your hard work will pay off, just you wait and see. Your experience getting there makes you appreciate success even more.