How Networking saved my career

You made have heard the term, self-made millionaire or self-made man/woman. But the truth is, no one is self made. Yes it takes our personal determination and drive to accomplish the goals and dreams that we have set out to do, but it takes help. 

Although, some may dread networking events or spending hours on social media connecting with people; its a necessity if you plan to be successful. Trust me, I am an introvert by nature who has to force herself to be an extrovert, so I understand. I like my comfort zone, but if you want to reach another level in your career, it takes you stepping out of that comfort zone.

When I first started attending conferences, events, etc... I thought the best thing to do was to take my friends as a security blanket lol. Although, its comforting, if they're not in the same industry as you, it limits your interaction with others. 

Networking started to save my career when I went alone and was forced to talk to people. I have had my best outcomes and formed great professional relationships when I stepped out of my comfort zone. 

So the next time there is an opportunity to network either via event or social media. Do it. Your next level of your career is depending on it.