Just Do It, like Nike

Just Do it. Sounds simple enough right? I mean Nike came up with three little words that mean so much! Well the truth is, most of us do the opposite and that's what holds us back most times from being successful.

One of my biggest life lessons is that you conquer fear with action. See, for awhile I thought you conquer fear by giving yourself time to get over the very thing that you are afraid of. But if that were true then I would not be in the position I am now. 

The way that I started my business, I came up with an idea and I set a date to accomplish it. Then to put the cherry on top, I posted what business venture I was starting on social media so that I can feel the pressure to complete it. Now I had all of these eyes holding me accountable. 

It may not be the most rational thing for everyone lol. But it gave me the fire I needed to dedicate my time to accomplishing this goal that I announced. Pressure is sometimes a great thing, I mean it makes diamonds doesn't it?

So next time your thinking about something you want to accomplish remember Nike's slogan and Just Do it!