How Moguls Maintain their Happiness

How Moguls Maintain their Happiness 

4 pathways that will lead you to true happiness and improve your well-being

By: Brad Krause 


Modern society teaches us to look for happiness in success and in material possessions -- if we make loads of money, get some fancy clothes, and live in a big house, then we’ll be happy. However, as researcher and author Shawn Achor points out, this idea is backwards. When you get these material successes, you’re happy for a while, but your happiness soon drops back to where it was before -- psychologists call this the hedonic treadmill. You need to step off the treadmill and boost your well-being in other ways -- here are four paths to try.


Connect With Others


The evidence suggests that feeling close to other people is a basic psychological need -- people with good connections have better mental and physical health. However, social relationships don’t sustain themselves, and you can easily drift apart from people if you don’t make an effort. So, invest time into the people you know -- family, neighbors, friends, people you work with. Invite people over, or suggest activities or events to go to. On the other hand, remember that it’s OK to say “no” to toxic people and invitations that won’t be good for you. If you don’t feel like you have enough social connections in your life, try volunteer or community work, or join clubs or groups related to things you enjoy doing. After a couple of months when you’ve gotten to know people, suggest an activity outside of the group.


Be Mindful


The modern world is full of distractions, and it’s easy to get swept away without being present to what’s going on around you. Studies show that being more mindful can reduce stress, so try to take more notice of what is going on around you, and savor pleasant experiences. Eat more slowly and focus on the taste of your food, consciously look for nice views when you are out walking, or notice how your body feels when you listen to a favorite song. Meditation and yoga are great exercises to help you become more mindful, and are also very useful tools when you are in addiction recovery because of their powerful stress-reducing effects.


Continuous Learning


You’ve probably heard the phrase, “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” applied to the body. But it also holds true for the mind. Continuous learning throughout adulthood is linked to better well-being, emotional resilience, and mental performance. For example, learning a second language can reduce your risk of dementia in later life. This doesn’t just mean book learning, though -- you could learn to fix a bike, practice complex dance routines, bake cakes, or practice a musical instrument.


Continuous learning is also really important when you’re in addiction recovery. As psychologist Sharie Stines points out in Psych Central, boredom can set in during recovery, and it makes relapse more likely. Taking up a new hobby can give you something to focus on and fill your time with.




Acts of kindness are not only good for the recipient -- they are good for you too. Even small, random acts of kindness like letting someone in front of you in line can boost your immune system and lift your mood by increasing levels of serotonin in the brain. This is often called the “helper’s high” by proponents of volunteering. Furthermore, people observing the act of kindness also get in on the helper’s high, which can help positive emotions to spread through groups and communities. As well as small, random acts of kindness, you can also look into volunteering, which is a great way to help yourself while also helping others.


With these methods, you can get off the hedonic treadmill and follow a more effective path toward well-being. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re giving up on the idea of success -- cultivating health and well-being in your life can also make you more productive, so you get the best of both worlds. Which of these four paths will you start walking today?


Photo: Pixabay

Lead Like a Boss

Lead  Like a Boss


4 Tips to help you become a more effective leader

By: D.D. Myrick

You’re the boss. The head woman in charge. All eyes are on you, and everyone is looking to you for advice direction and instruction on what to do next.  Why? Because it’s your job to be on the next pulse of greatness and to drive your company, your team and even yourself to the next level. It should be your goal to create a productive and thriving work environment where everyone can excel. One thing it is for sure, if you want the title of Boss Babe and to be a successful leader, it will require that develop your own leadership style and methods that fit you and the vision of your company.    

Whether you’re just starting out or been in business for years, here are 4 tips that will help define, shape and mold you into the boss you are meant to be, giving you the confidence to lead like a boss!

1.   Become a Visionary and Inspire -Truly effective leaders have a vision that other people are drawn to and an optimistic perspective that people are not afraid to get behind. They realize intuitively that it’s not just about the company, their brand or even themselves, but the broader picture to inspire others, it is their passion and creative force that will motivate not only employees but others in leadership positions.  

2.  Cultivate a strong leadership style- There is an art to leadership and to become an effective leader you must, study and adapt to a style that best fits you, your needs and the culture of your company.  There are many leadership styles you can choose from an Authoritarian style of leadership where you would need to micro-manage your team and give them strict deadlines, creating a very controlled environment. In this style, you would maintain complete authority, to a more relaxed style laissez-faire form of leadership where you allow your employees to work independently and remain very hands-off in your approach to leading your team. However, research shows that subordinates thrive and are more fulfilled, working under a Transformational style of leadership. This style seeks to motive and encourage, rather than create a competitive atmosphere driven by rewards. Since employees feel inspired and not pressured to perform at work, they do a better job.

3. Ability to delegate- learning how to delegate is key to being a Boss. You must realize that you cannot do everything own.  A great leader is perceptive and can pinpoint what each employee's best skill set is to make sure that tasks, projects, and assignments are done efficiently and on time. It may take the team to help make your vision come alive, but once everyone is confident in their roles and knows what their responsibilities are, your business will begin to flourish.

4. Seek Guidance- Don’t be afraid to seek guidance. No matter how successful you are you are, it is important to stay humble and realize you don’t have all the answers. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are, and be willing to a student at times in your career. It is also wise to take advice from people who don’t have as much experience as you. They may offer a fresh perspective that you haven’t considered.  Wherever, you decided to go for guidance make sure the person or persons are authentic and willing to dish out the truth even when it hurts. No one will benefit from surrounding themselves with ‘yes men.’

If you want to be boss, it’s definitely going to come at a cost as you learn, sometimes through trial and error, who you are as a leader. Just remember, a true Boss Lady is always herself and brings out the best in others.

Spend Your Summer like a Boss

Spend Your Summer like a Boss

3 things every businesswoman needs to do to maximize the most of her summer

By: D. D. Myrick

It’s summer which means it time for white sandy beaches and beautiful weather. While everyone seems to be on vacation without a care in the world, you have a business to run. It was your hard work and dedication that got you to where you are but don’t forget moguls need a break too. The good news is, you don’t have to spend your summer in a stuffy office. You can enjoy your summer and still be about your business. Here are 3 tips that will help you maximize your summer, giving you the perfect balance, you need to be a CEO and have FUN in the summer sun.


1.)    Pamper Yourself- Contrary to popular opinion, or that little voice going off in your head, prompting you to feel guilty for taking some downtime…don’t. You deserve to get away and even indulge a little. Take a weekend getaway with bae or a fun girls trip and give yourself permission to have fun this summer.  Disconnect from your phone,  your string of emails, demand for your attention and reconnect with yourself. Yes, you are Head Woman in Charge, but trust that you have a competent team around you, and take care of you. Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan, report in their article for The Harvard Business Review, The Data-Driven Case for Vacation, that 94% of people found that taking a vacation actually increased their energy and improved their productivity. So, go ahead and call your travel agent. A more relaxed you makes for a better mogul. 


2.)    Reignite Your Passion- What do moguls do for the summer? They reignite their passion. Sometimes doing the same thing day in and day out can be tedious and draining. Summer is the perfect time to create and develop new ideas, revisit old ones, and remind yourself why you fell in love with your purpose in the first place. Get out, see the world and get inspired. After being stuck in the office or working from home experiencing a change of scenery will do wonders to clear up creative blocks and stagnant operations.


Remember, work does not have to be boring, and even though you're taking a break from work, it does mean you can’t make connections by attending networking events and even parties. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is sure to get your creative juices flowing and have you excited about work again.


Prepare the Perfect Comeback-  Sometimes when you’re in the thick of things and juggling a busy schedule you can be so focused on just getting the job done, you’re too exhausted to ask yourself if the job was done right or could have been executed better. Remember that marketing campaign you thought was going to be a hit or the product you thought was going to fly right off the shelves but didn’t? Summer, is the perfect time to slow down and evaluate what you got right and certain aspects that didn’t turn out as well as you thought they should. Taking time off in summer allows you to take a step back and look at things objectively.  You will have a clearer idea of what’s helping or hurting your brand and how to move forward so that when you do return to work, you have the perfect comeback.  

Don’t let summer pass you by, without using these tips to enrich your professional and personal life. Despite what the world may tell you, you can have it all. 

Has Life Got In The Way Of Your Passion?

Has Life Got In The Way Of Your Passion?

Written by Darcel Laurie
Many people today show you the highlight reel of their life on social media but many of us can truly be suffering behind the scenes. It can be difficult to uphold a certain image at all times. That's why its important for us to be HAPPY in real life. I faced so many personal struggles the past months, but I felt the pressure to stay "face", until I had to just STOP! I told myself that before you have a complete meltdown, take some time for you. Now this can be difficult for many of us who may run a business, work a 9-5, mothers, wives, etc... How do you put a stop to your life when so many depend on you? Welp, I did it! I took time off from my business to work on my personal and spiritual development. Now many may think I'm crazy, because in the business world its all about momentum. But at some point you have to decide who is more important at the moment 'them' or 'myself'. Now the key is when your down, do not stay there. You have to get back up eventually.

How do you get back up when life gets in the way? Ultimately, we all have a purpose or passion that is calling our name and we must return to what gave our life some meaning in the first place. Here are Four Things To Do To Get Back On Your Feet:

  1. Get an accountability partner- Your accountability partner should be someone you trust (like a mentor, friend, etc) that may know to some degree what you are going through but will hold you accountable for the tasks you need to complete to get back in the groove of things.
  2. Positive Self-Talk- Change your language, the pity party is over! Yes they talked about you, yes they betrayed you, yes they hurt you, etc...NOW its time to say "I AM AN OVERCOMER" "I HAVE GREATNESS INSIDE OF ME" "MY PURPOSE WILL COME TO PASS"...or whatever makes you feel powerful, SAY IT! Tell yourself everyday all day if you have to until you believe it.
  3. Get Back Out There- Its time to show your face again and stop hiding. So if its attending a networking event, going to church, join a support group, get a gym partner, etc... Energy is never lost its only transferred. With that said, get around positive energy.
  4. Take Baby Steps- Start taking on responsibilities again. Do not overload yourself all at once, take it day by day. As you start to assume responsibility, the more you will be able to become UNSTOPPABLE!

Everything I Needed to Know About Bitcoins

Bitcoin : It’s Not For Everybody...Yet.

Written By: Angela T. Jones


The US dollar is backed by the full faith in the US Government, but it's value is determined by demand, value of Treasury notes and foreign exchange reserves. Although money, at its core is arguably useless paper, we use it because we receive something we want or need in return. You can buy recurring essentials like clothes, food, water, gasoline etc., with money. If you withdraw it from a bank you can see it in your hand. Even if you use online banking or PayPal, money is still tangible and widely accepted worldwide in several denominations and currencies.

There are a lot of people who are resistant to joining that Bitcoin life because they are concerned about taking risks with their money on something new and unproven, not because they are ignorant. Some people just don't like being guinea pigs, especially when it comes to the money they work for. Which is understandable. People have many reasons and I've identified a few.

One factor is that no one can tell people the answer to this one simple question: What can I buy regularly with Bitcoin once I have it?

There are very specific things you can buy/do with Bitcoin as of now, that may be interesting to some, but not considered enough of a necessity to others. Here are some examples:

●      Bitcoin t-shirts from American Apparel

●      Sandals on Overstock

●      Donate them to Autism Speaks

●      Buy Powerball lottery tickets in New York State using the Jackpocket app

●      Hemp oil soap from Bit soaps

●      Comic Books from Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles (in store only)

●      A yacht or boat from BitPremier

●      Coffee from Bitcoin Coffee in Prague

●      A flight to Latvia (and a few other places) on airBaltic Airlines

●      Airline tickets from Expedia or

●      African Krugerrands from JM Bullion

●      Baby bibs from BitDazzle

●      BOGO Whoppers at Burger King in Arnhem, Netherlands

●      Take a cab in Argentina and Hungary (London is said to be coming onboard soon)

●      A vacuum cleaner on Overstock

●      A sandwich at Subway in Allentown, Pennsylvania

●      A Tesla (but there's a process)

●      Dog treats from Happy Tails Bakery on BitDazzle

●      30 day supply of emergency rations from Overstock

●      Real Estate from

●      Things from the front desk, gift shops and restaurants at The D and Golden Gate Hotel in Las Vegas

●      Beer from Old Fitzroy Bar in Sydney Australia

●      A casket from Crescent Tide Funeral and Cremation in St Paul, Minnesota

●      A gun from Central Texas Gun Works

●      A hitman on Silk Road

Bitcoin has turned some people into instant millionaires, who can't necessarily spend what they have in Bitcoin on essential needs. You can't work in exchange for Bitcoin, unless it's on the black market doing things that are likely illegal (like a hitman). You can't pay for college tuition or repay your existing student loans with Bitcoin. You can't reduce your debt or buy a share of stock with Bitcoin. None of the daily purchases we value as a society have yet begun to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. There's all this Bitcoin currency in someone's name making them a millionaire on paper, but they can't yet live like a millionaire who uses money. That's a risk that a lot of people aren't willing to take with their money and that won't change unless Bitcoin can become a more commonly used currency prior to the bubble bursting, as some experts continue to warn against. While I was researching and writing this blog, Bitcoin’s value decreased significantly…. twice.

Stocks are risky also, however, when you purchase stocks you know that in exchange you're receiving an ownership interest in the company offering the stock, which makes a you a shareholder. As a shareholder you have some rights, one of which is often the ability to vote on matters that go before the board of directors at the company you have shares of. If the CEO or Board of the company make decisions that put your investment at risk, there's a high probability that someone will lose their job, go to jail, and have to repay those funds because there's a system of accountability in place that doesn't exist with Bitcoin. This is another factor in the resistance to jump on Bitcoin. No one knows for sure who created it. No one knows who would be arrested if it went bust and everyone lost their money. The money would just be gone, taking a Bitcoin millionaire back to whatever he had prior, minus what he invested.

Lastly, anyone can create a cryptocurrency. Seriously. There's an app for that. A 5 year old with knowledge of how to use a smartphone can create their own cryptocurrency in minutes and go back to watching cartoons and eating cereal on a Saturday morning with ease. Which is yet another factor in the resistance towards Bitcoin. Since 1944, the US Dollar has been considered the global currency that determines the exchange rate for all currencies and there are 180 currencies recognized by the United Nations. Cryptocurrency is being touted as disruptive, yet isn't widely accepted or exchanged enough for actual disruption of any trade and commerce that would deplete the value of money worldwide. Therefore, it makes sense that many people are still apprehensive about its use or longevity. As with anything, time will determine what happens to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Until then, man cannot live off Burger King in the Netherlands alone. 

5 Steps To Winter-Proof Your Hair and Skin

5 Steps To Winter-Proof Your Hair and Skin

Written By: Shannon White

winter hair.jpg

Every winter I have clients ask my advice on how to maintain healthy hair and skin during the long and cold winter months.  I explain to my clients that there is naturally more moisture in the air during the spring and summer months. So they can expect to retain more moisture in their hair and skin and can follow a simple hair and skin regimen. However, their carefree spring and summer hair and skin regimen won’t be as effective during the winter. So what’s a girl to do? No worries, I created a 5 step winter-proof hair and skin regimen to help everyone beat their winter woes.

Step 1: Cleanse. While you should use chelating or cleansing shampoo in the summer to remove excess oil, product, sweat and pollutants from their hair, you want to use a nourishing shampoo in the winter. Nourishing shampoos should include oatmeal, shea butter, oil and or honey to add and attract moisture. As far as your skin, determine if your facial cleanser strips away oil. If so, you don’t want to use it during the winter because it can result in dryness, pealing and wrinkles. Instead, use a creamy cleanser for added moisture benefits. Also, purchase an electric facial brush to exfoliate dead skin and allow your skin to more readily accept moisture. And there’s no need to spend a lot of money. This must-have beauty tool is available for only $5 at 5below. 

Step 2: Moisturize. After cleansing, it is essential to moisturize your hair and skin to protect it from harmful UV rays. After a healthy 20 minutes of sun exposure, sun rays becomes harmful. Even during cloudy and gloomy winter days the sun’s rays are as damaging as they are during the spring and summer.  I recommend purchasing a clear sunscreen with zinc oxide as an ingredient. It doesn't absorb into your skin and bloodstream like over the counter sunscreen products. Rather, it lays on top of your skin to block UVA and UVB rays; which can cause premature skin aging, eye damage and other conditions. You can add the sunscreen to your hair conditioner and skin moisturizer for additional protection.

Step 3. Protect. It is also important to choose clothing that will not damage your skin and hair. Be mindful of moisture absorbing cotton and wool hats or scarfs. Try wrapping your wool coat collar with a soft and breathable satin or silk scarf to prevent the wool from rubbing at the nape of your hair and breaking it off.  Also look for hats lined with satin or silk to keep moisture in your hair.  You can even try a DIY project and sew a colorful satin or silk lining in your hats and on your car headrest. Or you can even make your own pillowcases. 

Step 4: Humidify. Use a humidifier to prevent the heat in your home from pulling the life out of everything. A humidifier adds moisture back into the air and helps prevent common winter issues such as irritated skin and dry lips. I also like to use essential oils for added relaxation and fragrance. After all, we can all use a pick me up during the colder months and aromatherapy does the trick.

Step 5: Hydrate. Finally, be sure to eat less moisture zapping foods like sugar and carbs. Fill your tummy with foods that increase the shine and appearance of your hair and skin, such as, celery, watermelon, salmon, avocado and walnuts. These foods can be used to make many delicious meals and all have amazing hydrating properties. And of course, we all know to drink lots and lots of water every day.

It will take time to get this regimen down pat but it’s worth the effort to maintain luxurious hair and skin during the dreary winter months. Just remember to cleanse, moisturize, protect, humidify and hydrate regularly.  Trust me, your skin and hair will thank you!

Protective Styling Nightmare

Protective Styling Nightmare

Written By: Shannon White

locs 2.png

I recently decided to give my hair a vacation from everyday styling and installed faux loc extensions. At first, I loved them as a cute, easy and trendy alternative to weaves or styling my natural hair. But, after a day or so, I was uncontrollably scratching and found sores and bumps all throughout my scalp! This occurred because of an allergic reaction to the Alkaline Lye that coats the synthetic hair. Unfortunately, this happens to many women but the good news is there is a very simple solution to remove Alkaline Lye from synthetic hair. Follow the steps below to prevent a possible allergic reaction anytime you decide to get box braids, Senegalese twists, faux locs or any other protective style using synthetic hair.

Step 1: Purchase the hair a few days prior to your scheduled installation. Remove the hair from the package and place a rubber band or hair tie around the hair to prevent tangling. Fill your sink or large bowl with warm water. Add a cup of apple cider vinegar.  Soak all of the hair in the sink or bowl overnight.  The acidity in the vinegar removes the Alkaline Lye. You can purchase apple cider vinegar at most grocery stores. I recommend Braggs organic apple cider vinegar.

Step 2: Rinse the hair well with cool water the next morning. You will see a white film at the top of the water, so rinse, rinse, rinse and hang the hair so it can air dry.

Step 3: Before installation, be sure to shampoo and condition your hair. I recommend using a moisturizing, sulfate free and paraben free shampoo and deep conditioning mask. I also recommend having your stylist trim your hair before getting the protective style. That is an ideal time for a trim because you are giving your hair a vacation and allowing it to grow.  Also, a trim prevents your hair tangling or breaking off during and after installation and removal of protective style.

Step 4: Heavily coat your hair and scalp with essential oils from root to tip using a tint bottle.  All natural (organic) jojoba oil, coconut oil and olive oil are the essential oil trifecta! Apply the oil to your hair as scalp as often as needed. This step is important because synthetic hair absorbs moisture from the hair. You will want to hydrate your hair as much as possible.

Step 5: To keep your hair and scalp clean use a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray your scalp and hair to remove dirt and buildup. Then massage the vinegar into your hair.  Finally, gently shampoo your hair so as to not manipulate the style or cause frizz.


Voila' ! No more of the itches. Follow these five steps for a more healthy scalp and hair .

Mentee of The Week: Raine BeBuzzin'


Written by: Darcel Laurie

raine and i.jpg

This is a special piece more than any thing else that I have written, because it’s personal. I have a personal connection and history with the person I am writing about. Moguls in Media has an amazing mentorship program, however, with each client you never know what the experience is going to be like. The moment Raine BeBuzzin’ reached out to me, it was powerful. She came to the table with so many amazing ideas and just needed some direction. She’s brilliant in her own right. I always enjoyed meeting with her every week because she was always passionate about her brand.

Raine BeBuzzin has grown so much after meeting with her for 24 weeks. She knows how to network like no other, she has an amazing website, she has great merchandise and has the attention from such prominent people in the Philadelphia area. I know as she continues to spread her wings, beBuzzin’ has the potential to be a global domination.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Raine BeBuzzin and here’s what she had to say:

What are the benefits of having a mentor and being apart of the Moguls in the Making Mentorship Program?

“I feel like the benefits of having a mentor and being apart of the program was the fact that you have someone to hold you accountable and the things that you are supposed to do. When you try to do things on your own you really don’t know what to do or about how to go about doing things. I really appreciated having a mentor because I had so many things in mind and didn’t know how to prioritize. I accomplished a lot in like 2-4 weeks of having a mentor.  You opened my eyes to so much more. I was thinking small and you encouraged me to think big.”

What are some of the things that you accomplished during the program?

“Some of the things I have accomplished with building my brand during the mentorship program was building my website, building my Instagram following as far as my business page, having merchandise, going to events. Etc… What I wish to continue to establish with my brand is I would like to start my podcast, network and grow with people that are in the industry. “

What have you learned about yourself during this process?

“I always knew I was a dedicated and a motivated person but once I started building my brand I noticed how motivated and dedicated I really was. There was times when I would be lazy at times but in the back of my mind I’m like I have to do this. I also noticed about myself that I inspired a lot of people. You never know who is watching you. To have people out in the street, be like “you’re doing your thing, you inspire me.” Being as though my brand has been out there less than 6 months and people are noticing my grind. I am grateful for those comments.”

What is some advice you would give to other people?

“Don’t let nothing get in the way of your dreams. In the beginning, you may feel discouraged or like you don’t have anyone. That’s why I’m grateful for having a mentor. If you believe in your brand and you believe in yourself, stay dedicated and focused on what you want to do. Because people will start to notice how dedicated and focused you are and will eventually start to believe in what you believe in. That’s how you build relationships with people. Its not all about followers, its about people getting inspired.

What is your brand about?

raine and I.jpg

“Supporting those who are grinding and working hard to get to the top. I feel like in this day and age you need someone to support you. Support doesn’t always have to be financially, it can be a like, a retweet, saying good job and so much more.”

How can people follow you?

“Follow me at @_bebuzzin or go to”

In one word describe you Mentor, Darcel Laurie?

“You’re inspiring! I went to grade school with you and I’ve watched you grow your brand into this ‘Moguls in Media’. And that’s so inspiring because you don’t give up, you keep going. And you’re not just doing it for yourself.  You’re also, helping us, helping your mentees, helping other people in general build their brand. And that says a lot about a person who is willing to put their name out there with other brands. I always looked forward to meeting with you every week. Once I met with you, I would leave inspired, because I could come in discouraged or like I’m not doing enough but I always left inspired.”

Lives change when we make a choice to do something different. If you’re ready to do something different, then head to and lets get to work!

What would Oprah Do?

What would Oprah do?

Written By: Lindiwe Davis


Culture- A culture is a way of life of a group of people — the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols that they accept, generally without thinking about them, and that are passed along by communication and imitation from one generation to the next….

Now that I have included the definition of the word culture, I wonder how CEO's, recruiters and hiring managers truly understand the meaning as it relates to a candidate and of course the company as a whole. Recently, I got an email from a company saying that I would not fit a company’s culture after applying for a role. The problem with the email I received was that the recruiter, hiring manager nor any representative of the company took time to speak with me. In other words, how would they know if I fit their culture if they’ve never met or spoken with me? And the only information they had was my resume, LinkedIn profile, and picture and cover letter. So how exactly could they have come to such a conclusion without the necessities to share this opinion and thru email at that?

Naturally, I ask, “ What would Oprah do” since she is one of the compasses I choose to use when deciding if giving feedback will help or hurt a situation. Mind you, I have no control over anyone's thinking, but it’s nice to feel like you can absorb such shenanigans with grace. So this incident got me thinking about how I would fit into the fabric of a company I desire and how I want to build a team as an aspiring mogul. Company culture is a great thought and an even better way of engaging employees if, in fact, the company is interested in bringing together a diverse group of people, hence motivating employees with the promise of unification.  Earlier this year Entrepreneur published an article, " To Change Your Company Culture, Change Your Conversation" which was enlightening and tried to dig into the crux of the current climate and need for discussing this issue.

The point I found most distinctive and obvious is the need for the leader of a company to remember to speak to all of the employees-- C-suite, human resources, and staff alike. The company culture initiative is so important to all of us, whether you are a mogul in the making or employee getting ready to launch your business. While building a brand/company-- it's the people helping build the company that is our life lines and so the action plan supporting team building, for example, must be as strategic as the efforts to grow the product, service or just company overall. I also agree that a company that has an exhaustive amount of perks should have as much money and effort thrown towards the actual employees and their needs.

Additionally, while building out your vision, there is space to create an action plan, which would require you as the leader to be open to different types of people and their talents. I'm sure most of you have been in situations at a company you've worked for, and you asked the question -- "Why would we spend money to outsource a project when we have multi -talented people at our fingertips?" And I am confident that company had a culture of always outsourcing, for example.  If we learn nothing else, we at least want to build a work environment that invites everyone to share their ideas and feel acknowledged for their efforts. I can promise you that " cookie Tuesday" is not more important than feeling valued.

And so the lessons for all of us, while we are grinding and building our brands, is that we should always keep our team (small or big) as first thought. Afterall, a company can not thrive over time without the support of your team and the company culture they ultimately create.

5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Have In Their Routine

girl entrepreneur.jpg

5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Have In Their Routine

written by Darcel Laurie


Every entrepreneur has their own way of doing things which is what makes us all unique. However, there are some key things that all entrepreneurs should practice in order to stay motivated and productive. Although it seems that entrepreneurship is a desired lifestyle from the outside looking in, it can get very difficult at times. Here are 5 things to add to your day.

  1. Have your goals visible daily- the more you can see where you are headed the less you will allow discouragement to creep in
  2. Create a daily action plan- as your own boss, you need to develop a plan on how you want to execute your goals (i.e. Schedule meetings, conference calls, spreadsheets, marketing plans, etc...)
  3. Self Improvement- Entrepreneurship can often get lonely and/or overwhelming at times, so its important that you listen, watch, or speak with someone that is encouraging. (i.e. podcasts, youtube, mentors, etc...)
  4. Market Your Business- Create a marketing strategy that daily markets your business daily
  5. Network- as an entrepreneur you can get in your own zone but its great to network and get around other like minded individuals


Moguls in Media had the honor of covering the 2017 NAACP CONVENTION in Baltimore, Maryland. Our Founder was able to interview Public Figures like Angela Rye (CNN Political Commentator), Tony Covington (Former NFL athlete) and so much more! 

The convention highlighted the importance of informing the black community about our rights and how the Trump Administration is affecting our community. 

In addiiton, there were plenty of vendors and organizations present. There was plenty of opportunities to network, enjoy different panel discussions and view exclusive movie screenings.

Moguls in Media was able to raffle off this experience to her mentorship program and there was one lucky winner Kendall Bunch who is an aspiring Entertainment Journalist! This couldn't have been more perfect for her to experience a great event on this prestige of a platform. 

Make sure to always educate yourself and stay WOKE! Start raising awareness in your community and letting the black community that you no longer have to be oppressed. We are powerful and we need to speak up. 

Mogul of the Week: Natasha Weston

Mogul of the Week: Natasha Weston

Written By Darcel Laurie

Moguls in Media loves highlighting moguls who are 'putting in that work' in their designated industry. This week our Founder, Darcel Laurie, had the pleasure of interviewing Natasha Weston. Natasha is an Author and Personal Branding Strategist. Her story is a powerful one and has impacted so many lives. Natasha just dropped her new book called Brand You Like A Boss which was on Amazon's Best Sellers list! Her journey truly shows us that anything is possible if you just stay the path.

DL: Let’s start from the beginning, how did you get started?

NW: I’m 29 years old, first it didn’t start off this way. I never thought I would be an author and doing what I’m doing now.  I graduated high school in 2006. During my senior year of high school, My true passion at the time was to go to fashion design school. It was like a childhood dream. But everyone else was going to school for business, or to be a nurse or a lawyer; so I just settled and went to school for business administration. In my first year of college, I found out we were going to lose our childhood home to foreclosure, that’s when I decided to drop out of school to help my family financially. But I knew this couldn’t be all to my life.”

Not so long Natasha decided to enroll herself back into school and tried different majors, nothing suited her. Then, one email changed her life. She was able to launch her career at BET as a Wardrobe Stylist Intern. As much as she looooved fashion and it was a childhood dream; she later realized that wasn’t what she wanted to do either.  This is when Natasha realized she was meant to be an entrepreneur.

DL: What have you learned throughout your journey?

NW: “I believe when your back is against the wall, you can either drop down dead or you can revive yourself and make it happen.” “You can always tell when your putting in the work because people start to pay attention.”

DL: Tell us more about your latest book Brand You Like A Boss?

NW: “Brand You Like a Boss is important for people to be able to identify your unique value no matter the industry that you’re in. This book walks you through how to tap into, develop and cultivate your brand.”

DL: What are some keys tips you can leave with us about branding?

NW: “Start where you are….share your ‘right now’ story and start building your own social media platform now. There’s really no excuse.”

DL: What’s next for you?

NT: “Books are definitely my thing. I love them. I will be planning a tour and workshop surrounding the book, Brand You Like A Boss. I want to go to cities that people normally don’t visit as well.”

DL: How can people stay in touch with you?

NT: “@officialtottie on all social media platforms. Also, visit, and

Make sure you head over to get Brand You Like a Boss now. If you're struggling with branding in  any industry or just want to learn some new techniques. Natasha Weston breaks it down in such a way that anyone can understand and apply to their particular brand. Even through the struggles of finding herself and what she was truly passionate about, Natasha shows that persistence is key. Now she has three books and a great career. There's no question to why Natasha Weston is our Mogul of the Week!

Moguls in Media: Catches Up With Tracey Preston

Moguls in Media: Catches Up With Tracey Preston

Written By Darcel Laurie


Moguls in Media's Founder Darcel Laurie, was able to catch up with Philly's own Singer/Songwriter, Tracey Preston. Tracey is currently a background vocalist for Singer Vivian Green. In addition to sharing the stage with top artists, she is an artist herself ready to bloom. At the moment she has a single out called "soarin" which gives her fans an inside sneak peek on her musical journey. 

Darcel sat down with Tracey and this is what she had to say:

DL: What got you into singing?

TP: “I can remember singing from ages 3 or 4. I was on the choir at church, I quickly went from the Tiny Tots choir to the Adult choir because I was “belting out” from a young age."(giggles)

DL: Describe what the process of recording music looks like for you?

TP: “I get inspired at different times from all different types of things. No one song comes from the same inspiration.”

DL: How did your connection with Vivian Green come about?

TP: “One of the background singers for Vivian Green and I worked on a project together. When there was a opening to work with Vivian Green, she called me. Now the rest is history."

DL: Who is your biggest supporter?

TP: “My mom always was supportive of me. She has gone on with the Lord now. I wear her watch every time I do something big as a reminder she is with me. She has the best seat.”

DL: What type of artist or genre would you say best describes your music?

TP: “I love the Lord so people would assume that I would be singing Gospel. You can not judge the songs by the genre, I want people to judge the music by the message. My music may not be the Gospel "sound" but it is definitely inspirational music. “

DL: Is there anything you can tell us about Vivian Green?

TP: “She pours into you, she gives you advice. She is totally like a big sister to me!”

DL: How can your fans stay in touch with you?

TP: Follow me @IamTraceyPreston and keep on the look out for my website. It will coming mid-summer."

I encourage all of our Moguls in Media readers to go follow the beautiful Tracey Preston, as she delivers her power house voice on a stage near you! She has a very positive spirit and she is woman on the move, doing BIG things. Therefore, make sure you stay tuned for all of her upcoming projects. 

Mogul of the Week: Tia Whitfield


Written By Darcel Laurie

We love highlighting other Moguls who are killing the game! This week we are highlighting Radio Personality and Mother, Tia Whitfield. Her show Millennial High currently airs Sundays from 12 noon-1pm on 106.5fm. 

Her love for radio started during an opportunity provided by Philly Cam. She always loved everything communications, now she has the opportunity to share this love with the Philadelphia area.

Her goal for her show is to share other people's story while finding the bravery within herself to share her own. Tia called her show Millennial High to showcase that millennials are not just a "spoiled" generation but are talented and intelligent individuals too

Tia plans on adding a visual element to her radio show, as well as, doing a meet and greet with her listeners to build that engagement. She wants to continue to empower others to be their BEST self. 

Make sure to follow this gracious spirit Tia Whitfield and her show Millennial High on social media @iamthenightskyy @millennialhigh and stay tuned for what's next for her brand!

5 Photo Tips for a Better Social Media Page

“5 Photo Tips for a Better Social Media Page”

By Siria K. Alvarez

Today, having social media for your business is nearly a given. If it isn’t yet, it might as well be. Here’s why: According to statistics, mobile use currently accounts for about 65% of total digital media consumption. We spend 2 hours a day on average on our social media. About 80% of Americans make an online purchase monthly. A giant wave of store closures has already hit. Whether we like it or not, the future of business has a home in the virtual world and you as a product or service provider, or influencer should take full advantage of this.

In a pool of overflowing users, you certainly want your online presence to stand out.
There are several key factors in making a social media page and/or an online business become more noticeable.

One of those factors includes consistently posting and sharing visually appealing content. That being so, photo and video shouldn’t be overseen as a factor to include in your day to day marketing, as they are vital. Visual content allows your audience to paint a picture. When done right, it tells a story.

Having studied the art, science and technical ends of media arts, specifically photography and videography for almost 10 years, I can attest to its importance. I would recomment hiring a professional photographer at least a few times throughout the lifespan of your business.

However, for whatever reason it may be, beit you aspire to become a photographer yourself, you’re looking to save a few bucks in the task, or you just like to DIY, here are some tips that can help you upgrade your visual content, whether you’re selling a product or providing a service.

1. Invest in A Good Camera or Smartphone with a Good Camera

A quality camera makes a difference. No need to buy a digital camera if you don’t feel you will use it often, or if its beyond your current budget. Digital cameras can range between the prices of $300-$1000+. Your smartphone may do the trick, as they’ve become way more advanced in recent days.

As long as your images come out sharp -- not blurry, nor pixelated-- and you follow the next steps, you will be golden.

Some recommended phones for photography include: iPhone (6, 6S Plus, 7...), Google Pixel and the Galaxy S7.


Some recommended cameras include: Canon Rebel T7i, Nikon D5000, and Sony A6000.

  1. Natural Lighting

    The best lighting is natural lighting. Try taking your photos on a bright day when the sun is at its peak such as between the hours of 12 Noon and 3:00 PM. Take your photos outdoors or near a window where light shines through. If by chance you live in an area where its never sunny, consider investing in daylight bulbs. Never use fluorescent lighting or the everyday use lightbulns, as they make photos appear very dull and yellow.

  2. Add & Subtract

    Be wary of the details in your setting.

    Add some character to your imagery.
    Consider adding some props to your product images.
    Mix and match textures that match the colors of your brand.

    Remove :
    Remove the extra. If you are photographing a product on a table for example, make sure to wipe the area clean and clear of unneeded clutter such as lint, messy papers or a randomly tossed sock that could be in your background.

  3. Make it Relevant

    Does the content you photography tell a story and reflect on your specific business, brand, or mission? Make sure you are not selling lemons and shooting apples. The content of your photograph should relate and make sense.

  4. Keep Consistent

    Keep it up. Curb your urge to add a different filter to the images you post. A consistent look makes it easier to have a clean look.


    Hopefully one or more of these tips have changed your perspective on your brand’s social media appearance and will contribute to you taking action to developing a more clean and consistent look for your business that will keep your current customers and attract more followers!


3 Reasons Why You Need a Mentor

Are you hitting a plateau in your career? Have you gotten started and you have no clue where to begin? It can be a frustrating process to get your business or career off the ground when you don't have the proper knowledge or connections. Luckily, that is what mentors are for, and just about everyone needs one in the infant stages of their career or major life adjustments. If you've ever questioned seeking a mentor, here are three reasons why you should go for it.


1.The Knowledge:

Knowledge is power in any industry you are placing yourself in front of and having a mentor can help you gain the experience and unique knowledge you need to thrive in that specific industry. What you can learn from a mentor is vital to your success. Mentors hold the keys to everything you need to know. They're able to direct the next steps from where you are in your career, see areas of improvement that you may not have known existed, and tell you how to improve personally and professionally. They've earned their stripes from their own share of rookie mistakes. You're learning from the cream of the crop.


2. A meaningful relationship

Not only are you obtaining amazing information and direction when you have a mentor, but you also gain a cheerleader and a coach within the relationship. A mentor doesn't necessarily have to be in the same industry. Your mentor can be a college professor, your hair stylist or even your gynecologist. Yes, I said gynecologist. Their role (regardless of their day job) is to motivate, direct and support you along your journey to mogul status. (even though it is a plus if they ARE involved in your industry). They are present to lift your spirits when you're crumbling over that overwhelming workload they may have helped you get. Through the success, failures and setbacks, your mentor is there each step of the way cheering you on and directing your next steps. How awesome is that?


3. Endless Opportunities:

There’s no doubt that having a mentor can open many doors for your business or career. We all have valuable information to share with one another daily, but your mentor is able to offer you access to resources that only they are aware of. The exclusivity is groundbreaking! They are able to put you in rooms and provide email addresses that will take your career to the next level. The power of connection during a mentorship is high in vibration. You could be introduced to your first client, score your first interview, or even have someone invest their own money in your dreams.


Mogul Tip: After you've decided to make the decision to seek mentorship, you should make sure you know what you need a mentor for. Specifically, what in your business or life do you need help or guidance with? Ask yourself what part of your business you could gain more knowledge, support, and opportunities from, then you're well on your way! And if you simply need support, there's no seeking mentorship from that either.

Are you convinced that seeking a mentor is actually a pretty good idea yet? Don't know where to find mentorship? No worries! Visit the services page on our site to learn about our mentorship programs.


Advice for Young Women Seeking to Crack the Glass Ceiling

Advice for Young Women Seeking to Crack the Glass Ceiling

Written by Gloria Martinez



The term “glass ceiling” has been thrown around a lot in reference to women making upward advancements in their career, but what is it exactly? ThoughtCo. defines it as “an invisible upper limit in corporations and other organizations, above which it is difficult or impossible for women to rise in the ranks.” Although it isn’t fair that there is an invisible force preventing you from rising to role of greater leadership, it isn’t impossible to break through.

Identify Key Competencies of a Leader

According to MindTools, key competencies refer to the skills and attributes of those people that comprise your company’s upper levels or leadership positions. Take the time to seek out these individuals within your organization and observe their personality, mannerisms, leadership style, and methods of communication to understand what sets them apart. Think about the behaviors your company values and rewards, and what type of people are promoted.

Once you’ve identified the core competencies, set goals to align yourself with them. Let your boss know of your desire to work toward a higher position and ask him or her what skill areas you need to improve upon. Work with your boss to set goals and objectives, and then measure your progress and performance.

Network with the Top-Level

In an interview on LinkedIn, women’s leadership expert Becky Shambaugh encourages women seeking leadership roles to build a network of individuals outside of your company that include senior-level leaders, key influencers, and those who can not only provide support, but genuinely care about your success.

According to The Glass Hammer, many women have made it to the top of their department, taken on a leadership role, or become part of the executive management, but the common obstacle is that they haven’t built the necessary network to get them there. Your network should include senior members of both sexes within your company. It is important to strengthen your core network because in the end “you have to navigate the politics there to get to the upper echelons of the management team and have the caliber of contacts needed” to be invited into or even considered for a leadership role.

Find a Mentor or Sponsor

If jumping right into mingling with top-level management seems a little daunting, consider finding a mentor to help make the introductions and get your foot in the door. The National Career Development Association (NCDA) states that finding someone who has “been there, done that” will be helpful in connecting you with other influential people. In addition, a mentor can help you develop in areas such as time management, stress management, prioritizing, teamwork, and communication skills, all of which are important components of what makes up a good leader.

While mentors help you improve, consider a sponsor to help you get ahead. In a Forbes article by Dr. Joann Eisenhart, she defines sponsorship as “someone in a position of power who uses his or her influence to advocate on your behalf.” A sponsor could be your boss, your boss’s boss, or anyone who knows your merit and is willing to vouch for you.

Keep in mind that sponsors are someone who is willing to put their reputation on the line for you, so it probably isn’t a good idea to simply ask around for someone to be your sponsor. Sponsorship is earned when a person trusts you, knows your work, can attest to your character, and recognizes your potential. Sponsorships are cultivated over time with the professionals you work with, so perhaps find a mentor first and then build upwards from there.



How To Create Your Own Lane Workshop

Create Your Own Lane Workshop was a success! Our Founder, Darcel Laurie was able to host an intimate workshop that discussed the 6 steps on How to Create Your Own Lane. Darcel gave her exclusive red carpet experiences, tips in business, and transparency on the lifestyle of entrepreneurship. 

The attendees were able to learn great concepts that most entrepreneurs are not willing to share. Like the following:

  • Assess Yourself
  • Define Your Brand
  • Set a Deadline 
  • Market Your Brand
  • Do the Work
  • Network

Attendees were able to walk away with some insider knowledge and new business besties. Don't miss the next workshop! Always remember to Create Your Own Lane. Be authentic and be the best you that you can be!



We Took Over Hotlanta!

A couple of weeks ago, Moguls in Media took over Hotlanta! We were able to have a successful event despite the highways that were shutdown and caused a HUGE traffic jam. Our panel and attendees pressed through anyway!

We spoke about building your business with integrity and how God is your strength through the hard times in entrepreneurship. The panel was very transparent about their experiences which spoke volumes to our attendees. 

Our Founder spoke about being confident in your brand no matter what room you walk into. "You deserve to walk into any room that you enter."- Darcel Laurie

We had such amazing food and drinks to keep us from being hangry! lol. There was delicious meatballs with the hidden surprise of mozzarella inside and peach filled cornbread.

Make sure you follow all of the AMAZING people that made our event possible.  Special thanks to our team who spent months planning to make this tour stop happen. 


  • Moderated by Founder, Darcel Laurie
  • Diamonde Williamson, OWN producer and founder of Blossom online television
  •  Erica Dias, CEO of The B Firm PR
  • Jennifer Matthews, CNN Producer
  •  Loren Lott, American Idol contestant and actress (i.e. GreenLeaf)
  •  Natasha Cole, Go and Glow founder
  •   Giveaways by Glam Dream & Inspire  and Sheen Magazine
  • Music by She’s A DJ Entertainment 
  • Catered food by Chef Whitney Simone.